What I did… First Blog Post

It’s that time of year again: people optimistically starting projects in the hope they will become better people over the next year. Thinner, fitter, more organised, more successful.

Today I’m going to start a slightly different endeavour. This blog will track my pursuit of knowledge. Not just textbook knowledge but my discovery of new media, new skills, new hobbies and new experiences.

With that in mind, here are my New Years resolutions:

Three books stacked, some miscellaneous decor
1. Read at least 60 books in 2017

This should in theory be an easy one; I managed to read 100 books last year. This year I want to try and not simply churn my way through Amazon’s Kindle Deal of the Day 99p specials but instead take some time to enjoy and rediscover some books I’ve been saving for a rainy day.

A selection of old books in a bookcase
2. Read at least 10 non fiction books in 2017

I’m not a great fan of non fiction books and I’m not sure it is possible to read my programming books cover to cover so this challenge has to relate to something that I have an interest in and isn’t just a Dummies Guide to Database design. That’d be a cop out. At this point I’m uncertain whether I will include biographies in this list as I feel that might be a waste.

An old Singer sewing machine
3. Learn to sew at least 5 different things using a sewing machine

Now, I have not one but two sewing machines, neither of which I have ever touched. People keep gifting them to me and I honestly don’t know where to even start setting them up or making something useful with them. This year I will be looking for blogs and tutorials with the aim of knowing how to create a few basic items and mend common clothing problems.

Somebody holding their credit card out
4. Stop spending money on cheap clothing

Maybe it’s an age thing but I have got to the point where I can no longer stand the feeling of cheap synthetic material next to my skin. Clothes this year have to be made of a majority of natural fibres where possible (some leeway may be required for trousers and skirts).  Related to this…

5. Clear out my wardrobe

Everything I can’t face wearing, or try on just to take off and chuck into the floordrobe needs to go. If it’s barely worn and still suitable it can go to a charity shop. Related to this…

Storage boxes on a shelf
6. Store everything that I love but don’t fit

What’s the point of having an empty attic and a bursting wardrobe full of stuff I can’t squeeze into or that is too loose. If it’s something I can never see myself wearing again then, like with point 5, to the charity shop it must go. Exceptions may be my vintage formalwear as that needs careful looking after in my wardrobe.

Kitchen utensils and chopping boards
7. Plan my weekly menus and stop buying the crazy fancy food

I love food. I love cooking. These two factors tempt me to buy crazy fancy expensive food from Ocado rather than buying from their sister company Morrisons. Now I spoke to the delivery drivers for Ocado and they admitted the food for both companies comes from the same warehouse and is delivered using the same vans and the same drivers. If I plan my menu I can plan my shopping and not waste cash on frivolities.

Car tyre on country road
8. [Optional] Learn to drive

Well I’m not getting any younger and when I make my millions and retire to the countryside I’m going to need a car to take all my huskies to the beach.

So, anybody else got any resolutions?

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