What I read… Dark Matter

Blake Crouch has got quite a name for himself since his Wayward Pines trilogy was made into a TV show. My first introduction to his books was Abandon, his third novel, which I was honestly quite disappointed by. I then saw the trailers for the Wayward Pines TV show and decided to give Crouch another try. I’m glad I did; the trilogy’s concept was completely unexpected and kept me hooked. That’s why when I saw this book on Amazon’s Daily Kindle Deal I snapped it up.

Jason Dessen gave up his stellar academic career to settle down with his artist wife, Daniella, and raise a family. His college roommate has risen to prominence in his place and, on the day this book starts, Jason hears that his old buddy has won the Nobel Prize. Jason pops out to the bar where his friend is celebrating to congratulate him and have a quick drink, but on the way home he is abducted by a masked stranger. The kidnapper makes Jason drive to a deserted power station, strip naked and then injects Jason with an unknown drug. When Jason wakes up again nothing is how he remembers it.

This book reminds me of the Wayward Pines trilogy in many ways. There’s just enough science to make the concept plausible and the plot is quite original. The pacing is very much in the style of a TV series and it would be very easy for a script writer to portion out and pad up episodes without losing interest. I think if anything that’s where the book disappoints me. As the protagonist visits various places there’s not quite enough world building. I want to know the history of the place and how everything works.

The ending was fine; it felt slightly cut short but it’s plausible and wraps everything up quite nicely. It didn’t particularly wow me and I felt a twang of disappointment when I turned the page and realised I’d run out of book but that’s always a better outcome than having to force yourself to finish something.

As of time of writing I don’t believe there are any plans to make Dark Matter into a TV series. There is already a  show called Dark Matter however the two are completely unrelated.

You can buy “Dark Matter” from the following places. I don’t get commission if you buy from these links.
Note: Dark Matter by Blake Crouch should not be confused with Dark Matter by Michelle Paver. I can also recommend the latter, however.

Amazon UK (Hardback; paperback is released in Aug 2017)
Amazon US (Hardback; paperback release date unknown)
Barnes and Noble (Hardback only)
Waterstones (Hardback only)

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