What I read… The Need for Better Regulation of Outer Space

This is my first book of short stories this year. I generally really like the ability to dip in to books like these, spend 10 minutes on a compact little tale then move on, however I read this book all in one sitting while having my hair done (it’s lovely, thanks for asking).

Pippa Goldschmitt has mixed together fiction and science; we have stories about well known names like Einstein, Oppenheimer and Turing, and more generic stories about various scientists. Each story is loosely based around some real life event, which is listed in the back of the book and well worth reading afterwards. The stories aren’t necessarily focused on the science itself but more the scientist behind it. There seems to be a slight theme of the underlying inequalities and prejudices towards women and “others” often seen within the science and technology sectors.

More specific themes touched upon within these stories: McCarthyism, suffrage, homophobia, jealousy and loss. A lot of the concepts touched upon do not make for light reading but all are enjoyable none the less.

A short review for short stories. Some might find the imbedded politics a little grating but I think it’s a particularly relevant read for current times.

You can buy The Need For Greater Regulation of Outer Space at the following places. I do not receive any commission for books bought via these links.

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