What I read… The Devil’s Work

I know I was supposed to be reading more cerebral fiction this year but I’m slightly behind on schedule and when this popped up on Amazon Kindle sale I couldn’t quite resist. Mark Edwards writes psychological thrillers and not, thankfully, of the Gone Girl domestic thriller style either. He is quite the master of taking a fairly ordinary event and putting you at your unease.

Sophie is just re-entering the workplace after a few years as a stay at home mum. She’s especially excited as she’s managed to wangle a job at the publishing house she’s always dreamed of working for. Her husband is a freelance writer and is taking up the slack at home so that Sophie can have the chance to have the career she’s always dreamed of.

Weird stuff starts happening at Jackdaw Books almost immediately, and Sophie can’t shake the feeling that her young ambitious colleague Cassie is after her job. Sophie’s predecessor mysteriously vanished without a trace and the founder of the publishing house is making Sophie uneasy, especially with her previous history with the family.

Modern day events are spliced with memories of Sophie’s time at university, where she meets the granddaughter of the Jackdaw Books founder. Jasmine is a rebel with no love of her grandfather and no wish to be outed as such a famous person. She spends much of university experimenting with drugs and getting entangled with a suitably mysterious boyfriend. As we learn what happened in Sophie’s past events merge with the crazy stuff going on in Sophie’s present and nobody is safe from the consequences of what she did.

A nice quick page turner with a very satisfying ending. Something that speaks to anyone who has been stuck in the middle of office politics.

You can buy The Devil’s Work at the following places. I do not receive any commission for books bought via these links.

Amazon UK
Amazon US
Barnes and Noble

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