What I ate… Week 14

Spring has arrived with a vengeance in this little corner of England. The sun is warm, the birds are noisy and the flowers are plentiful. It’s making me hopeful for a lovely summer in 2017 and making me think of lovely light summery foods. Lots of salad and fresh vegetables. I’ve also done something either very silly or very clever and bought one of the last frozen Christmas turkeys from last year. It was awfully cheap but now I have a massive frozen bird taking up half my freezer. What on earth shall I do with it?




Rump steak, new potatoes and salad.

Chocolate cake (courtesy of the Permanent Roommate’s mum)


Date night wild card!


Salmon fishcakes, dwarf beans, julienned carrots
and savoy cabbage.

Chocolate cake (see above)


Turkey and peanut stir fry.

Salted caramel cake.


Pan-fried halloumi with a one tray roast of cubed potato,
carrot and shallots, tenderstem broccoli and dwarf beans.


Smoked mackerel, new potatoes and salad.

Salted caramel cake.


Gammon joint, sweet potato, tenderstem broccoli,
brussel sprouts and sweetcorn.

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