What I ate… Week 15


Easter’s coming up this weekend! The Permanent Roommate and I are going to visit my parents, who live many many miles away. My baby sister turns 18, my grandmother turns 90 and so everyone is descending on a tiny corner of Wales for the celebrations.

This year I haven’t bought my household any Easter eggs. We could both do with toning down the treats and I’m sure we’ll have enough chocolate already. Our chickens are likely to give us some of their own very special Easter eggs as it is. What I do plan to do, however, is buy the Permanent Roommate a new (live) chicken. One of his lovely ladies passed away a couple of months ago and I think it is time we replenished the flock.





Coddle: Irish stew.


Coddle: Irish stew.


Sausage and chips.



Smoked salmon, broccoli, pasta and peas.


Meatballs, mushrooms and mixed beans in tomato sauce
with brown rice.
Fruit salad and pouring cream.


Birthday meals:
Ham hock terrine with pickled vegetables.
Lemon sole with cockles, spring vegetables and new potatoes.
Ginger cheesecake with honey roast plums.


Travelling day:
Pork tenderloin, vegetables, brown rice.

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