What I ate… Week 16 (Turkey special)

Well who’s an idiot then? Oh yes, that would be me. Last week I managed to topple down the stairs while half asleep and bump my back on every step on the way down. That did not make for a pleasant train journey to Wales and nor does it make me particularly happy to be sitting at a desk all day for work.

You may notice this week’s menu has been entitled “Turkey special”. Morrisons sensed my weakness for a bargain last week and offered me an enormous turkey for £12. It was one of the last of their frozen Christmas stock and I decided I couldn’t very well pass up that offer. It was soon apparent that my eyes were possibly larger than my freezer and so on Easter Monday I roasted the bird and found myself having to come up with various ways of using it throughout the week and then freeze the rest. On Tuesday I stripped all the remaining meat from the carcass and then set the bones boiling in my largest saucepan. A few hours later I removed the bones and some time after that I ended up with a very thick stock gel – perfect for slicing up and adding to risottos and soups.




Easter Monday!
Roast turkey, roast new potatoes and mixed veg. 


Turkey breast noodle soup with asian style vegetables.


Turkey and mushroom puff pastry slices,
new potatoes and green vegetables.


Tuna and pasta.
(Permanent Roommate cooked and I think he was fed up of turkey) 


Turkey, mushroom and leek risotto.



Sausages and mash.


Pork leg joint, mashed potatoes, gravy and vegetables.
Rhubarb crumble.

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