What I ate… Week 17

Two weeks of working later are starting to wear down my enthusiasm for cooking lovely, hearty, healthy dinners. There’s still Easter chocolate to dispose of and I still haven’t used up all of last week’s turkey. The wings and legs and leftover breast meat has been relegated to the freezer while we have a bit of a break from poultry.

It’s also yet another bank holiday Monday this coming weekend. Unfortunately I’m on call so I won’t be doing anything particularly exciting, but it’s always nice to have a long weekend. It would be nice if the bank holidays were a little more evenly spread throughout the year however!




Leftover roast pork leg, chips and peas.


Date night pizza.


Smoked mackerel, baby new potatoes,
side salad.


Cumberland sausages, mashed potato,
carrots and broccoli.


Smoked salmon, pasta, thinly sliced leek
and a handful of peas.


Scampi and chips.


Slow cooked lamb shanks, mashed potato,
spring vegetables.

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